August 10, 2018 Office News

Saw a blog post that said 19% of people surveyed didn’t get a will because they didn’t know a lawyer. Read this, and problem solved.

The vast majority said that they’d get to it. Most are working on their PhD’s in procrastination. That’s why the repeated posts that I ask Kathy to put on the Office Facebook and her personal Facebook, and the repeated attempts to get others to send messages out there on their own personal Facebooks as well.

You CAN’T IMAGINE the degree of extra drama, discord and confusion when the parent dies without a will versus passing with one. If you own a home, you save 1,000’s bypassing the need of a license to sell; even if you’re keeping the home in the family.

Like a politician is taught – stay on message. Kathy inspires me to stay focused on what she knows people have to be reminded of constantly. BE PREPARED!

August 9, 2018 Office News

Got a call from San Diego. His grandmother had, in his version, been “kidnapped” by his brother, brought to Massachusetts, and he was shut out completely from any information. Basically told leave me and grandmother alone or anything in trust for you will be deleted.

You can’t conceive or believe the breakdown in the family that this practice provides living evidence of. Grudges, resentments, bitterness flows like water through parents, children, grandchildren.

People NEED to have someone represent their interests who understands all this, and can empathize. The standard lawyer’s practice is to ignore all this, keep things impersonal, and just charge for every minute involved – in that sense, the more the drama, the higher their fee will go.

I’m here to be an antidote to that. Pass the word. Send this out to all your social media contacts.

August 7, 2018 Office News

The fact is that every time you probate an estate on behalf of a client who has just suffered the death of a loved one, you’re going to the wake or funeral yourself. If, in no other way, emotionally, because you’ve got to help a family through the aftermath of a crisis and all its spillover effects.

For me, it’s helpful to have undergone this personally, more than a few times, to be able to communicate and assist those clients who are coming into the office with their burdens.

This is why I say the tag line is, “Heaven forbid, if someone dies, better call Al; he knows what to do.” I know what it feels like, have been through the court process – and I do it for others for a living.

August 6, 2018 Office News

Kathy will be giving you updates, and information on how to get to the site and view, but we are now preparing a series of 3-5 minute videos that you can go to the site and view. In addition to the imbedded video already up there.

The videos go over subjects that are legal and personal. Let’s the person who hasn’t met me see that this office IS unique, has a different perspective and wants to connect with regular people who have needs who can get legal help from someone who’s been there (41 years experience); experienced it personally (probating family member estates), and has the same view on lawyers as the general public.

As much as this blog is a personal blog from a practicing attorney specializing in probate, wills and trusts, and estate planning, the videos will give a personal face-to-face type touch to this.

Our office slogan is Be Prepared. Hope all who get this are stirred to find out soon when to watch some informative, personable, sincere, yet truthful Andy Rooney style clips (that reference is over the head of those under 60 – he was the resident commentator on 60 Minutes, which is still around).