Mar 15, 2018 Office News

The problems the office is seeing are very frustrating. Because people are now being confronted with the need to probate the estate of a loved one years after their passing. This presents legal problems, more formal proceedings, and greater cost and time.

The hope is that the browser looking for a probate lawyer will note these blog entries, and themselves understand the need to think ahead, plan, be thorough AND that they pass the word to those they know and care about.

Mar 8, 2018 Office News

It’s interesting to hear and see people’s reactions when they tell me of how they’ve talked to relatives and friends who have elderly parents, they’re not that young themselves, or a parent maybe has already died…and they don’t want to hear about making any plans.

It’s the human condition. People don’t want to think about death, or it’s implications. More then you’d suspect prefer the ostrich approach.

The hope is that as Kathy gets these posts out through the office Facebook, more visibility on the internet, and throughout people’s personal Facebooks, the reality of taking action to prepare for the future takes hold. ┬áNot just so the office could get more clients; the people themselves are our concern. Use who you choose; but think ahead; for YOUR SAKE.

Mar 7, 2018 Office News

One very neglected area of probate law that is not discussed, is the clerk-attorney relationship in the act of practicing probate law.

When it’s license to sell, formal probate, etc. all the clerk’s offices go through the paperwork with a fine-toothed comb.

The office that knows that, prepares for that, and, through consistent interaction establishes relationships with the people who OK all filing, is the one to consider.

Our specialty is probate administration. Intentionally. Because the nature and dynamic of both the laws involved, and the procedure they create is studied, examined, and brought to bear to get maximum results in minimal time.

The office is contrary to what’s out there. Here we want to get done only what is necessary, as expeditiously as possible, so as to make the cost easier to absorb.

Mar 6, 2018 Office News

It used to be that if you did someone’s will, you had a client for life. Now, you’re just the attorney who wrote their last will (one client did three after I did one for her).

Loyalty is something everyone laments over the loss of in society. That’s something I can’t change. But faithfulness, loyalty, kindness and the wisdom of experience is something I can control for THIS office.

The goal with our clients is that they leave as friends. Befriending people we’ve found makes it easier to speak frankly about tough questions a family faces as they process the estate of a loved one, decide how to set up their will, make unusual provisions, etc.

The number one thing you need if you are 60+, or have parents that age, is a strong connection to a good probate lawyer. Boy Scouts – “Be prepared.”