May 16, 2018 Office News

Beware of estate contests. Some irresponsible, greedy relative petitions to run the estate. Your client objects, offers proof and files their own petition.

The court may step in, appoint someone, and, if experience is any indication, its out of BOTH parties hands, the thing drags on, and an attorney who’s unfamiliar with the case gets a huge fee.

That’s happened.

So get together on the same page to prevent things getting out of control.

May 15, 2018 Office News

Last week I had the chance to offer advice worth $600,000. That’s what was at stake in claiming monies between a step-spouse and six children who had proof the stepmom had said she made no claim on it.

I proposed a way for the family to avoid the wife nullifying any will and insuring that the children received.

In probate administration, meeting with the client, having a stop and think session, looking one step ahead, and taking action steps can AVOID a probate, save significant monies, and insure the person’s wishes are followed. ┬áIt all starts with an in-office meeting.

PS in this case, although a free consultation, the client was helped so much she demanded to pay a fee. OK.

May 12, 2018 Office News

Beware of your marital situation. What if you’re 80, married 4 years to someone 75? If you die without a will, she gets 50%. You have 5 kids. Is that what you want? Could it be that you’ve now received a place where your competence to draft something, file a divorce, or whatever else could be questioned?

THIS WOULD NEVER HAPPEN TO ME. May be so, but I don’t think THIS hypothetical guy planned it through – he was not expecting things to go the way they did.

Neither can you. You can’t control people, places and things. Our suggestion is to be prepared, and our hope is you’d use the office to help you.

May 11, 2018 Office News

To give advice you need to learn. With knowledge comes the ability to provide answers with insight.

Signed up to take MCLE Estate Planning Symposium and MCLE Basics Plus Estate Planning. Within those, all the probate variations are discussed (insolvent estates) (what kind of wills or trusts, etc.).

With a house, (IRA and little else, people around here may have more than they may might think of as far as probateable assets.

People have a natural tendency to avoid – quitting smoking, going to the gym, eating better – anything that’s good for you.

That includes making financial plans and preparations for your future. Once done, a weight is lifted, but you can’t experience that except for yourself.