October 9, 2018 Office News

Looking forward to special seminar on All Things Probate on November 6, 2018. It’s part of the credo of this office. We seek excellence in performance by staying one step ahead and by resolving that no one will outwork us. Our clients receive the benefit of that – plus we DON’t CHARGE FOR PHONE CALLS AND EMAILS; we don’t churn accounts, run up bills. We Want to hear from the client and keep communication open. Too many have told us about how they’ve been afraid to call the lawyer because it will cost them so much money just for a phone call.

There’s NOTHING to lose by a free consultation and EVERYTHING to gain. If work is necessary, it’s mapped out in a tailor-made attorney-client agreement made specifically for you. TAKE THE TIME TO INVEST IN YOUR FUTURE. We’re not selling anything; to us law is a calling, not a business. Seek the office that tries to be a light in a dark place.