January 28, 2019 Office Blog

My brother died unexpectedly last week, he would have been 69 years old today.

I remember having a conversation with my sister-in-law last year in which we discussed their need for a will, power of attorney and health care proxy. Because she lives out of state, Alex helped by referring her to a probate attorney in her area. She got it done!

She is a counselor at a local college where she educates students on their academic future. I told her that she should also counsel these same kids about having their parents and grandparents prepare for their own future. I told her about the website where they can learn all about probate law, check out the office blogs and let her know that we also have an Office Facebook. She said she will check out the video and blogs and pass the word. Educate them!

She was grateful that she was prepared. She can’t imagine what would have happened if she didn’t act when she did.

I spoke to my niece at the service Saturday who stated that grief is tough enough without having to worry about all the paperwork that gets left behind undone and the confusion and drama it can cause. She said she will think about preparing for her own family’s future sooner than she would have done if her mom never acted proactively. She told me she will have this conversation with her brother as well.