February 4, 2019 Office News

I recently attended my brother’s funeral and it was an opportunity to see relatives I haven’t seen in years. I am from a family of nine and each of my cousin’s families have 4 or more kids so, needless to say, the church was crowded.

The event was a sad one, unexpected death does that when the person who passes was way too young and vibrant to go. I was so pleased that my sister-in-law thought far enough ahead to already have a will in place. They have two children who both are married with one child each. There is definitely enough unexpected angst and confusion when a loved one passes and there is no legal document as to who gets what or how things will be divided. It can get ugly, I’ve seen or heard about enough cases to know.

I did get a chance to speak to my nieces and nephews about the need to have a legal document (a will) in place to avoid such confusion and lack of structure and how thankful they should be for their mother’s insightfulness and planning. They both agreed to start the planning process. Sooner rather than later.

To practice what I preach, my husband and I also started writing a will. I’ve had the document for months, why we waited I’ll only say that we kept putting it off, somehow it will get done. Amy, a paralegal, gave me an outline so that I could gather the correct information and easily submit a package. In the outline, one question was “Would you like to be cremated or buried?” We both looked at each other and said, wow, it never occurred to us to talk about it but it’s got to be part of the plan. I want to donate my body to science like both my parents did. My husband wants a funeral and burial, etc. But the point is, if you don’t write it down and make it legal, how will your children know?

BE PREPARED. Get it done now. It’s best for all those involved. Don’t waste time thinking about it. You can always update it. It’s not cast in concrete. Have something. JUST DO IT!

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