Jan 8, 2017 Probate Administration Blog

This post may seem similar to an earlier one, but the point(s) made can’t be stressed enough in the light of what THE OFFICE is seeing out there. There is little doubt that Chief Justice Warren Burger, who, in 1976, said 80% of all attorneys are incompetent, unethical or both, was on to something.

After 37+ years dealing with a variety of specialties, and now concentrating on probate- there is MORE incompetence shown by the attorneys in this area than any other THE OFFICE has seen.

Trusts are nothing but run on sentences. Whole paragraphs are so convoluted that they don’t make any sense. Sections are created that give a conniving relative the opportunity to thwart entirely the intent of a testator. And on, and on.

PLEASE, if you are 50 or over, contact us for a free consultation. You’re parents assets may be at stake, or your own, in time. There are too many mistakes and incompetent things being done by those attorneys whose work we have to review.

Don’t let your grandparents, parents, or your own estate end up a cluster*$#!