December 4, 2018 Office News

Can’t get off of this issue: That people who say they WANT to make plans, have a will, think ahead, but do they really? The ‘want to’ precedes the ‘how to’.

An excuse gives you permission to remain where you are. Complaining nails you to your problem, your condition.

The different soap opera stories this blog shares are to let you know how tragic the consequences can be if you delay, wait, put it off. Don’t let someone else’s inactivity become Your tragedy.

We change (in this case, follow through to make some plans) when we learn enough to want to do something, because exposure created desire; and when we receive enough good information we desire to change, to act, to do something.

The process of change begins with belief and concludes with behavior.

December 3, 2018 Office News

Saw a blog post that said 19% of people surveyed didn’t get a will because they didn’t know a lawyer. Read this, and problem solved.

The vast majority said that they’d get to it. Most are working on their PhD’s in procrastination. That’s why the repeated posts that I ask Kathy to put on the Office Facebook and her personal Facebook, and the repeated attempts to get others to send messages out there on their own personal Facebooks as well.

You CAN’T IMAGINE the degree of extra drama, discord and confusion when the parent dies without a will versus passing with one. If you own a home, you save 1,000’s bypassing the need of a license to sell; even if you’re keeping the home in the family.

Like a politician is taught – stay on message. Kathy inspires me to stay focused on what she knows people have to be reminded of constantly. BE PREPARED!

November 29, 2018 Office News

Yesterday Alex was explaining that behind every legal problem is a personal problem and behind every personal problem is a spiritual loss of values problem.

It may be the court case by the spiteful woman who’s a narcissist. It may be the probate caused by the ex-wife waiting too long, whose pride tells her and everyone else she knows better, she has all the answers.

That’s why this office exists. Everyone who comes in is anxious, fretful; stressed. That’s due to the legal problem. What needs be explained is what’s underneath all that, giving rise to it, so the client can, with our help, cope with it and remain patient until resolution. You can’t work with people stressed out and not be an armchair psychologist. It’s what makes our clients want to give the 5 star reviews.

November 27, 2018 Office News

Last week Alex and Amy did a presentation on Estate Planning to a large crowd at the Norwood Senior Center. They were both amazing and very engaging with the enthusiastic crowd. Many questions were asked and answered mostly about wills, healthcare proxies, durable power of attorney, trusts, how often one needed to update a will, etc.

When the presentation was over I sat with a few people and passed out handouts to those who wanted something to take away with them. As I did this, the woman next to me told me about the problems her sister’s family was having with a contested will. When she was done, she indicated that it made her want to write her will and needed our help in doing just that. Another woman told me she was just so nervous about writing a will as she thought she would die once she completed one and said she knows it’s a silly notion, and then changed her word from notion to “fear”! I told her that she should set up a free consultation with Alex who could help her immensely.

I wish we had more of these meetings where we could educate the public on how to be prepared. Please pass the word around. Call Alex today and get your affairs in order. You will be so happy you did!