April 18, 2019 Office News

We post some items on this blog on the Office Facebook and Kathy’s personal Facebook, when we think the general audience could benefit, and hoping they become regular blog readers of the website blog.

This is because you have a chance to look in on something unusual. The honest, genuine, and sincere reflections of an office that understands it seeks to be a light in a dark place, a throwback to the days when lawyers were viewed more respectfully (and deserved it), and a place where sincere, experienced advice may be found, that can help you in many ways.

Since Kathy has gotten involved, her reaction to what she’s seen has brought an “evangelistic” urge within the office (and Kathy) to let people know things people don’t know they don’t know. Those who are honest and open-minded can benefit.

The one tip alone – everyone who has an interest in real estate needs a will to avoid the court proceeding and cost of getting a license to sell – is literally worth thousands.

We had one person come from New Hampshire who received $600,000 worth of advice. All it required from her is the drive, and a small fee for brief follow through from her free consultation.

Getting people prepared legally for their funeral is our goal. Making them aware of the need is our message.

April 17, 2019 Office News

The biggest office news is that the attorney involved is embarking on another “adventure”; wild goose chase, or mighty crusade. Depends, upon your point of view.

What I’ve learned practicing varied types of law for 42 years is beyond me. Court people have said I have PhD’s in psychology and sociology. I’ve been recognized as an expert in Recovery. Lately, I’ve been told I have a PhD in soap opera, dealing with families doing probate administration, wills and trusts, and estate planning. I know a lot of funeral directors. And tax people.

I’ve gotten the domain name, truewayofrecovery.com. Over the months a site will be established, a program streamed, connections and links established, along with a blog and a few things more besides.

All of this will help anyone but certainly help me to be someone, more excellent at the law I’m practicing. Half of it is bedside manner dealing with the inevitability of passing or the grief attached to the loss of a loved one, and all the resentments and attitudes that came out from a family once the wake is over or before.

This is a benefit to anyone who is interested. Because we’re all recovering from something (even if its just a bad day). That was the motto of the old Church of Recovery, twenty years ago.

It’ll certainly help those who need probate help deal with the grief and anxiety attached.

April 16, 2019 Office News

We concentrate on probate administration; wills and trusts, estate planning for a reason.The emotional upheaval You go through, because the client is in divorce and custody battles is often just TOO MUCH. Plus, often the attorneys involved are very hard to deal with and not experts with motives that will promote fairness.

Lawyers in probate have their things but they’re less inclined to be pushy, confrontational, litigation-directed. They can be an asset when involved, sometimes.

The office is looking for veins – a person who we do the will, a healthcare proxy and power of attorney, and knows it’s done well and was necessary. They want the same benefit for X or Y and we work our way on through.

Meanwhile, death is inevitable. Recession-proof. And we are out to get everyone to remember “God forbid, but when someone dies, better call Al-He knows what to do.”

The estate planning takes care of itself.

April 10, 2019 Office News

Some people call shortly after someone’s death. Others wait years. The problems inherent with delay are serious. You become restricted as to the type of probate you can file (formal vs. informal), and you can be very restricted in what you can do (e.g. sometimes drafting deeds is the only thing).

This blog, as it is networked, is our attempt to stimulate thinking to take action, so as to prevent complications, which can be time-consuming, frustrating and costly. The more people hear our message, the greater the chance that people will not duplicate the ostrich. Sticking your head in the sand doesn’t make problems go away; they just get worse.

Call us today. DO NOT DELAY!