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A trust is a relationship whereby property is held by one party for the benefit of another. A settlor creates the trust by transferring some or all of his/her assets to a trustee. The settlor nominates a trustee who then holds those assets in trust for the beneficiaries. Trusts are legal instruments that allow one to avoid probate and manage without minimizing assets.

Trusts can be beneficial to many people for different reasons. There are several different types of trusts, including; Testamentary Trust, Inter-Vivos Trust, Irrevocable Trust, Charitable Trust, Special Needs Trust, Spendthrift Trust, Resulting Trust, and Implied Trust.

Trusts can be very complicated and difficult to understand, but our office can help to clarify things. We will help you decide if a trust may be a wise choice for you and draft a trust that is well written and easy to understand, without the host of prehistoric clauses.

This office has seen numerous trusts that weren't drafted properly and this can lead to big problems in the future. Attorney Matulewicz has spent many years engaged in trust litigation in equity complaints, as well as disputed and revised trusts. Let our office use it's 40+ years of experience to help with your unique situation.

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We can answer your questions and create a personalized, properly drafted trust. Trust that you will have the security of knowing exactly what it provides and how it operates.