This office has gone up against attorneys with the top lawyer ratings, who were featured in Super Lawyers for Will Contests. In my client’s opinion, we were successful because the stress, strain and cost of a will contest was avoided.

This area of probate administration is one where you’ll find litigation that might be lawyer-driven because they are well funded.

Please contact this office if facing this. Experience is the best defense to legal aggressiveness.

The reason this office seeks to specialize in probate administration is because this area contains 2 dimensions: (1) the legal work necessary; (2) helping all family members through the grief cycle (anger, denial, negotiation, acceptance) that can cause emotion, pent-up pain or resentment, etc. and color the situation and make if more difficult, costly and time consuming. It’s what the office and staff have learned from divorces, criminal cases, injuries, disputes over money throughout 40 years that is brought to bear to help make what is an unpleasant situation more bearable.

Death is inevitable. We all react in different ways. Let us help you manage the probate process as we’ve helped people do for over 40 years. Now, it’s our area of strict concentration.

One special area of this section of law is the will contest. Although rare, they do happen.

A vital item to note is there are prompt deadlines for contesting wills and affidavits that have to be prepared promptly as well.

Our office has inside our conference room, a board and easel detailing the factors necessary to attempt a will contest. Those we’ve had have been in Middlesex Probate Court and Norfolk as well.

These are high stress situations that would help if counsel had both experience in these situations and the training and background in the type of reality therapy needed to see someone through such an ordeal, because emotions can run wild in these types of cases.

The key issue for people with any means is – what are the tax implications of someone’s estate; and how can I make sure when I’m gone things will be distributed in the way I choose.

The simpler the instrument, the better off you are. The office has seen scads of trusts that are too complicated for the families to grasp, contradict themselves and give little seemingly innocuous provisions (e.g. power of appointment) that can be misused by someone with improper intent.

Since there’s nothing certain but death and taxes, make sure you objectively face the situation and look for someone who understands that.

This office will use your tax people or financial advisor(s) if you prefer, we have a host of people we interact with to bring alongside if necessary.