December 3, 2018 Office News

Saw a blog post that said 19% of people surveyed didn’t get a will because they didn’t know a lawyer. Read this, and problem solved.

The vast majority said that they’d get to it. Most are working on their PhD’s in procrastination. That’s why the repeated posts that I ask Kathy to put on the Office Facebook and her personal Facebook, and the repeated attempts to get others to send messages out there on their own personal Facebooks as well.

You CAN’T IMAGINE the degree of extra drama, discord and confusion when the parent dies without a will versus passing with one. If you own a home, you save 1,000’s bypassing the need of a license to sell; even if you’re keeping the home in the family.

Like a politician is taught – stay on message. Kathy inspires me to stay focused on what she knows people have to be reminded of constantly. BE PREPARED!