December 30, 2018 Office News

As we start the New Year, are hoping for people who like and use Facebook who would be willing put up the office blog posts in the hopes of networking them out to others to spread the message of BE PREPARED, sending you the blog entries that signify the problems families have when there is no will, people wait to probate an estate, or plan things improperly.

A close friend never did a will, probably didn’t understand, and now, by intestate succession his handicapped child is getting money she can’t use and the government which has supplied services may take it all. Hundreds of thousands involved, the family left in a quagmire. We don’t want that to be you and your family. Putting things like this out on your Facebook and having others read it and put it on theirs and so on and so on will help get the word out. Someone in your family passing on is grief enough; the complications from failure to plan and provide only add to the grief.

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