Friday, July 26, 2019 - Get Your Will Done Now....

Well, I finally feel as though I've accomplished something important.....I've gotten my last Will and testament done, finito, completed!! What a huge accomplishment. Once we signed and it was witnessed and notarized, it hit me. "Well, that wasn't so hard at all. We made it difficult by prolonging the task. We kept going back and forth on who would be the Personal Representative. Who do we get to be the Healthcare Proxy? What's the role of the Power of Attorney? What if we change our minds down the road?" All questions easily answered by Alex and/or Amy. I work in the office that deals with this on a daily basis.

Now, I can talk to my friends about procrastination. Why it's so crazy to wait. You can always make changes to your will. The office recommends reviewing your will every 4 years, sooner if there are major changes like someone dies, you sell your house, a baby is born, a change to a beneficiary, etc.

I recently spoke to a friend who's mother turned 91 at the end of last year. I asked her if she had a will and she replied, "no, she doesn't have anything." I said to her, "everyone has something", but somehow the subject got changed. Three months later, her mother passed. We got into another conversation about all the needlepoint she had done over the years and books she wrote about her craft. They were works of art, worthy of an art gallery. All I could think about was, if she had only done the will.....she is now looking to donate all this to some deserving recipient, or organization. What a shame, a missed opportunity.

The lesson here is it doesn't take much to get a will started, it doesn't have to be perfect, you can add, delete, change it at any time. Having nothing is a huge issue. It creates problems down the road and drama the more people are involved. We see it every day when people come in to contest a will that was done that excluded them, etc.

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