Legal News: Domestic Relations: Spousal support - Mathematical error

Taken from Lawyer's Weekly Newspaper July 6, 2020

"This Week's Decisions"

Where a Probate & Family Court judge modified a divorce judgment, the modified judgment be corrected because a mathematical error in the arrearage calculation resulted in an ordered overpayment in connection with the father's payment of spousal support.

"The judge ordered the father to pay $151,666.76; however, the judge did not credit the father for seven payments in the amount of $37,961.69. The parties, therefore, agree that the arrearage owed to the mother for spousal support should equal $113,750.07. ...

"So much of the judgment as awarded $151,666.76 to the mother for arrearage of spousal support is vacated, and the judgment shall be modified to award $113,750.07 to the mother for arrearage of spousal support. As so modified, the judgment is affirmed."