Legal News: Examples of Authority Usually Granted in a General Durable Power of Attorney (Part 2 of 3)

Examples of Authority Usually Granted in a Genearl Durable Power of Attorney:

  1. To make deposits or withdrawals from your bank account or cash management accounts or to open new ones in your name.
  2. To buy or sell your stocks, bonds or other assets as prudence dictates.
  3. To buy, sell, mortgage or lease real estate which you may own and to fulfill agreements which you have made.
  4. To have access to your safe-deposit box or open new ones in your name.
  5. To sign your tax returns and to represent you if your tax returns are audited or hire professional help to do so.
  6. To make decisions concerning any retirement plan you may have including IRA (individual retirement accounts), IRA roll-overs, existing pension or profit-sharing benefits, or other employment benefit which may be provided by your employer.
  7. To fund a trust which you may create as a stand-by trust, or which you may authorize your agent to create for you when it is appropriate.
  8. To borrow on your life insurance policies to avoid sale of your other assets.
  9. To deal with your life and casualty insurance policies including increasing or decreasing coverage when appropriate.
  10. To deal with your business interests including the right to enter into or modify partnerships or shareholder agreements which may be needed to protect your interests.
  11. To continue a gift-giving program to your family if this should appear to be appropriate in the future.
  12. To complete or continue any charitable gifts for a cause in which you believe.
  13. To institute, settle, appeal or terminate any administrative proceeding or other litigation in which you are involved or is or has been instituted on your behalf.
  14. To nominate a person to act as your guardian or conservator should one be necessary despite the existence of your Durable Power of Attorney.

To be continued: Part 3