Office News: Are YOU Prepared??

The recent headlines of accident and tragedy speak a sober truth. Death happens often when we least expect it. The tree collapses on the car, the limo ride goes awry, the pedestrian gets hit by the text-impaired driver. We don't know when we're going to go.

A lesson personally learned from bitter personal experience. My sister fell off her bike at 10, went to sleep-never woke up. My sister Connie was the star of the family; I had to tell my parents the plane her husband was piloting crashed, JFK Jr style (3 in a small plane) and all were lost. She was 24. Yes my parents lived their full length of years, but both went very quickly. Thank God arrangements were made so that chaos was avoided. It's these experiences that give rise to our constant message and theme in these blogs.

DON'T WAIT - Make that will now - make plans if a nursing home could be in your future. It hurts to see the regret in people who didn't take this advice. But it doesn't have to be.

And now with the Coronavirus, you MUST be prepared. The Delta variant is a monster!

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