Office News: Be Prepared NOW.....

The Office of Alexander F.X. Matulewicz, Esq. is ready to help you with all your probate issues.

We find it helpful to advertise by word of mouth to our co-workers, friends and relatives how important it is to be prepared when the day comes and one of ours has passed away.

The real question becomes, will you be ready with all the information necessary to answer who gets what, do you want a funeral, casket, burial plot, or prefer cremation? Do you know where all the important information is being kept?

Is there a will, trust, power-of-attoney, healthcare proxy, bank account and insurance info? There are so many questions, but if you aren't prepared, who gets what, when, how - I'd want my closest family and friends to benefit from what I leave behind. You can't take it with you! And you don't want the state to get it.

The Office realizes people are hesitant to come forward, admit they need to do this now, before it's too late. My own father used to be afraid that if he wrote a will, he'd die. He also thought if he retired, he'd die. All crazy ideas and superstitions. When he did retire after 45 years, he did a part time job where he could still participate in working everyday. It was my mother who talked him into doing a will and getting things "prepared". As an RN she saw too many people die without a will and all the complications that come with it.

The Office even goes one step further to help you. Alex and his paralegal, Amy can come to your house and set up a free consultation - where you are most comfortable in your own surroundings. For example, I'm thinking, my sister (and her family) can host a meeting and invite her elder inlaws, who are in failing health, to see the benefits of getting prepared. They can ask all the questions and explain their reservations about their reluctance. It's a free consultation. You can learn so much. What do you have to lose?

Call the office today and check it out. 508-660-0331. You will be glad you did!