Office News: Checking in with everyone...are you prepared??

Just checking in with everyone.

We are well over 90 days into the COVID19 virus. People that I spoke to a few years back about getting their affairs in order are now coming forward and asking questions. People I know personally, who have said, "Oh, I have plenty of time to plan for a will or I don't need a healthcare proxy, I'm perfectly healthy. I especially like the comment, I have no plan on dying yet, both my parents lived until they were well into their 90's!

I've finally been able to get a few people to act. Just a free consultation with Alex and Amy to answer any and all questions related to probate is all it takes to start the ball rolling and get things done.

I had a friend tell me she was all set because she was smart and drew up her will almost 20 years ago now. She was sooo proud. "See, you don't have to convince me it's a good idea!" I ask her if anything had changed since the initial will was written. She hesitated and said, well yeah! "My husband and I got divorced, my Mom, who was the executor of the estate, died and, oh, I see where you are going!" "I need to have my will amended! That was tricky how you did that!" and then laughed.


Call Alex at 508-660-0331 to request a free consultation and get it done! I promise you will be delighted that you did it! I know I was when I did mine.