Office News: Friday the 13th.....are you Superstitious?

Well, it's Friday the 13th.....are you superstitious?

The reason I ask is because I had a conversation recently with a friend that I hadn't seen in a long time and we spoke (like everyone else) how difficult this year has been.

The subject came up about cleaning out closets, the attic, the basement and donating to food pantry's and Goodwill and getting every back burner project done and be done with forever!

Then I asked her what if a close family member dies? She said she just prays every night that she doesn't have to deal with that. Then she indicated that a co-worker of hers told her that her mother passed from COVID and that she was a prefectly healthy 65-year-old who rarely goes out of the house. It's very difficult and that she has been gone for 4 months already.

She told me that her mom and dad never thought about drafting a will or any legal documentation. They were old school and that her dad used to hide money under their mattress to be ready for a "rainy day".

I asked her if she and her husband have all the legal documentation necessary for her family's future and she jumped up and said YES! I was very proud of her. I told her she was in the minority for someone her age. She agreed and said she was always a planner and very pro-active. I told her to spread the word.

It's never too late if you just DO IT!

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