Office News: Important to Note....the matter of FEES

One item that is important enough to note that we want it posted on the office Facebook and whatever personal Facebook would post it, is the matter of fees.

First, court costs are what they are. It would be the same if you did it yourself. One thing we preach constantly is IF REAL ESTATE IS INVOLVED, YOU NEED A WILL - it will save you a $500 filing fee and costs for a license to sell.

Second, we entertain the possibility of flat fees, on a case by case basis. We're looking to make a living and serve clients, not just make money. You'd be surprised how unique an approach this is.

Lastly, we honor the need for a written attorney-client agreement; specifically tailored to the individual. Nothing hidden. We would encourage anyone looking to compare our hourly rates with others - quality with affordability is essential.

Call the office at 508-660-0331 and speak to Alex or Amy. We are here for you! Thank You!