Office News: It's July, have you thought about a will yet?

The year is still young......PLEASE think (more importantly DO something) about planning ahead.The outreach message we're hoping Kathy and others can continue to sow amongst any and all fifty (50) or older penetrates more deeply the more we run across cases where people haven't planned, waited long after a parent's death to act, or some other type of self-created problem.

If you have real estate, you need a will - if for nothing else then the ability to save time, costs of $1500 or more, and court  action by eliminating the requirement under law of a license to sell. Regardless of what you have, it's far better to have a pre-planned idea of what will happen. Our commitment is to spread the message of Be Prepared to all, in the hopes it will reach some. Seeing Kathy come to an understanding of this has been a real blessing - there's nothing like a marketing director with evangelistic zeal.

Call Alex today! 508-660-0331 - at least start the process. Have the free consultation, see how easy it is and how important it can be.