Office News: It's that time of year...

It's that time of year....Christmas wishes and New Year resolutions.

Well, this has been one heck of a year with so many challenges, changes and curve balls and more changes....blah, blah, blah.

I was part of a Zoom family meeting recently and everyone is doing well, thank God. With that being said, many people stated that they had to be quarantined because they were exposed to someone who had contracted the virus.

One of my relatives said that being quarantined made them take inventory of everything they owned. They threw out the junk and cleaned out cabinets and closets not touched in years. In doing such an exercise they became acutely aware of the fact that there was no plan in effect for their future. No will, nothing written down as to their desires once they pass (burial plot or cremation?). Who gets what became more  challenging as it took husband and wife many conversations until they finally had an agreement. But still, nothing written down, or legal.

When I said that can all be decided with a quick free consultation with a probate attorney. I mentioned Alex and  they both hesitated (again). Do we have to do it now? I said, the talking is over. Don't let the state take everything and decide who gets what. YOU both decide.

I will call them back in a week to determine what the mental blocks are and have a conversation why waiting is not always a good idea.

Don't wait - ACTION is what is needed right now.

Call Alex at 508-660-0331 now for your free consultation. Make it a great holiday.