Office News: JUST DO IT!!!

Especially now, during our pandemic: JUST DO IT!!

Have you started planning your estate? In my large circle of friends and family I found out that only 2 out of 20 actually have a will. Most haven't even considered a will.....what? why not? Well, the most common answer is, "I don't think I need one now", or "Mom and Dad didn't do one until after they both retired and in their mid-sixties." So when I tell them that a will has no legal authority until after death and if there is no plan in place the state laws will determine how and to whom the person's assets will be distributed, the usual response is, "really?"  Well, yeah!! I told them we just completed putting the finishing touches on our will and now just need it notarized and made legal. It was way easier than I first thought and while I'll admit, both my husband and I procrastinated, once we sat down, the process was seamless.

I told my husband, "why did we take so long to sit down and do it?" I'm preaching to others to just do it. I understand dragging your feet or making excuses because I did it, but also want you to experience the feeling when you get it done. I feel so much better and know I am now ready to face the future. A feeling of accomplishment! My daughter told me, "Mom! Finally! See, it wasn't so hard after all, was it?" Now that made me laugh because it was something I always said to her when she was little! lol

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