Office News: Please call us to DRAFT your Will TODAY!

Had a very satisfied client in the office recently who exulted over the fact that we had been able to draft a will, power of attorney and other documents in a simple, non-legalese way that he could understand; not be mystified by legal jargon, and feel comfortable with. This was in distinction to his father's will, that contained pour-over trust provisions, was inches thick and took us a few hours just to explain to the client and answer his questions.

We've even had people who work for the mega firm Ropes & Gray not only hire us, but laugh over the truth of the video on the website, where we refer to the fact that you don't need a big, big firm to handle a large estate - you're simply paying high prices to maintain their overhead.

We believe the blog entries provide interesting reading to illuminate the people of Massachusetts, particularly Norfolk, Plymouth, Bristol and Worcester counties, of not only the need to play Boy Scouts and Be Prepared, but also the different situations our cases present, so that you'll be aware of some of the pitfalls and know how not being ready can cause potential family chaos and squabbles.

Call Alex at 508-660-0331 now! Don't delay!

Have a great day!