Office Notes: I had no will....until I started working for Alex!

My parents had no will. My Dad kept meaning to have one drafted but he died at the age of 79. Still no will and my Mom wanted no part of one.

She simply wrote notes on things she wanted one of her 9 children to have. She wrote my name on the back of the Black Forest cuckoo clock she bought in Germany knowing my love for clocks. My sister Sue remembers her doing that. 15 years or so later Mom passes away at the age of 90. 

One of my sisters cleaned out her place and most of my Mom’s things were stored in her basement (along with that clock). But without a will, nothing would hold up in court. Not having a will can be very problematic. My husband and I are getting our will drafted this month as we want to be prepared. Don’t wait. You can always make changes, something on paper is better than nothing…just get it done. It saves time, aggravation and possible miscommunication/hurt feelings down the road. AND ITS SO EASY!

Just call Alex Matulewicz at 508-660-0331 and check out the video on his website