What to do if your spouse passes away....DO YOU KNOW?

After my spouse passed away on October 8th, besides the grief one goes through, you feel completely helpless in how to proceed with the everyday tasks.

I did the obvious and called Social Security to tell them about his death so his checks would stop. I called the office that sent monthly pension payments and called his primary care physician as well. Then I called his 2 credit card companies and bank.

He had stopped driving months ago and sold his car so I didn't have to contact the Registry or Insurance company.

While I was at our local Senior Center during open enrollment to review my medicare options, I asked the employee if there was some information (check list) for seniors who lose a spouse that would give them all the information necessary. She told me that she didn't think so.

I then sent an email to the Senior Center Director asking her the same question, stating that if there wasn't such a list that I would like to recommend they create one. I haven't heard back but I'm sure she's quite busy during open enrollment. I may call in a few days to make sure she did indeed receive it.

I'm thankful we had a will drawn up a few years back and didn't have to worry about that!

I will follow up and let you all know how I make out with this task. So please, stay tuned!