Legal News: Getting Your House in about your LIFE?

Happy Monday everyone!

I'm sure like most people, we are cleaning out closets, donating clothes to Goodwill, throwing out junk, updating things that long ago need to be replaced or outlived their effectiveness, etc.

I just have to look out my window to see neighbors sprucing up their yard, painting the shutters, installing a "she shed", clearing out their garage, having tall trees chopped down and cleared out - all because they have the time. They are tackling their to-do-list....FINALLY.

This brings me to think about all this time we have. Now that the "things" around them are in order what about their future? Governor Baker is about to declare what businesses are ok to start up and we can begin to adapt to our "new normal" life.

What about our future? Many people I know don't have any idea about their future. For those of you who have children, own a home, have money saved, do you have a will? You may want to start the process. Call Alex at 508-660-0331. It's a free consultation. Ask questions, get the ball rolling, begin to figure out what you need to do to be prepared, especially during this time of uncertainty. But please, DO SOMETHING! Remember, your closets are cleaned and organized now........get your life organized and I guarantee you, it will feel amazing!

You just have to call Attorney Alexander Matulewicz and he and his paralegal Amy Strand will be happy to help you. BE SAFE. BE PREPARED.