Office News: My Spouse has died (cont'd)

To continue the discussion regarding, What to do when a spouse has died

I found it to be extremely helpful to talk to people who have experienced losing a spouse. They can offer tips for how to get through it or just commiserate about shared experiences. I've learned a thing or two as well. When my husband was alive we often visited our local senior center for various events and seasonal celebrations or just for lunch and to socialize.

I went recently and I spoke to a Medicare advisor and she told me her husband had passed away and the issues she encountered. Then I ran into the Executive Director, Kerry McCarthy, and I had asked her a few weeks ago if the Council on Aging has anything on "What to do when a spouse dies?"  Her response was, no, but what a great idea, I'll bring it up at the next council meeting. When I said hello to her she told me that the Council will establish a panel on "When a Spouse Dies" in the spring where the weather will bring in more people, and she asked me to be on the panel. I can share my experiences and also my connection to the law firm where I can connect them with a lawyer to help with changing of their wills.

I can't wait to help people with this issue. It's tough enough to grieve and all the things one must do to get through it emotionally, financially, and physically but knowing there are resources that can help is a blessing! Please stay tuned!