Office News: How are YOU?

With all the talk about opening up various establishments in a state-wide roll out by dates one wonders what it all means. The unemployment numbers are mind boggling and recession like. People are afraid of losing money in the stock market, just trying to get by day-by-day. What about those being threatened to get evicted by their landlords? It's just a crazy world right now.

I spoke to a neighbor of mine who works at a restaurant with his wife and both don't know if their place will survive another month of "just takeout". It only provides approximately 40% of their profits. That's not enough to survive. They think it will have to close and it's been running in the family for well over 4 decades. Very sad indeed.

Imagine graduating from high school and having big plans to go on to college. The dreams, thoughts, plans, all put aside so we can "just live through each day". 

It has brought about many positive things too. My daughter thinks her company is going to have many people work from home permanently. She is working from home and discovered that she is more productive because there are less distractions and interruptions when at her workplace. She works harder and knows a lot is riding on her being successful and wouldn't mind having this arrangement become permanent. Wonders how many others feel the same way?

I'm thankful I've done the 30+ years in the corporate world and can more or less work at my own pace. I just want to make a difference every day by helping those that need it. I'm thankful I have my health and those I love are healthy too. Please, help those around you who need it. Especially those who do not ask for it but you know that they do. MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Be safe and help others.