Office News: My Spouse has died (cont'd)

For those of you who have a spouse that has recently passed, hopefully my experience will help you get through what to expect if you have a similar situation.

My husband was disabled and had a handicap placard we used for him to park in a handicap spot.

I recently received a notice from the Registry of Motor Vehicles which asked me to mail in his placard as it is no longer valid. I'm so happy I didn't throw it away, I almost did, but thought better of it. Not so that I could use it but rather because it just reminded me of him.

I am putting in the mail tomorrow.

Just another thing that I never thought of doing....

It's good info. Stay tuned for more information as it comes up. Hopefully it will help you get through this difficult time. Hang in there, try to get through by thinking of all the fond memories and happier times.