Office News: My Spouse has died (cont'd)

My spouse has died (cont'd):

So, I've learned a lot since his passing last October.

The biggest lesson is BE PREPARED!

Death is inevitalbe. Knowing that should help with being prepared ahead of time.

1) Make sure you have a WILL so there will be no confusion to who gets what. Re-do the Will you have since your husband has died. Make necessary changes.

2) Make sure you know the bills you have and when they get paid (I learned this one the hard way when I realized he has a bank account and a credit card under his name only. Write them all down. Document it. It can come in handy for your children after you pass away.

3) Keep all important documents in one place and let your children know where they are.

4) Don't start giving away your spouse's personal possessions right away. Take your time and you can figure it out after a few months or when you can think more clearer. it can be a very emotional thing to do. Like his 2004 Red Sox World Series Shirt. 

5) I found it helpful to have a financial planner in your corner. Any questions you have you can ask for advice. Nothing has to be done ASAP. Take your time. Questions don't cost a thing, but mistakes can!

6) Also be aware of potential scams. Don't be afraid to ask for advice from local law enforcement, they are the experts in these situations. It's better to be safe than sorry!

I hope my personal experience helps you when a loved one passes away.

Best regards!