Office News: My Spouse has Died; Time to change the Will....etc.

It's difficult enough when one's spouse passes away. You think you're ready because he's been ill for over 2 years with many medical issues. A few years earlier you get smart and have a Will drawn up because we're both getting older but his health is deteriorating faster than you can keep track of what's going on now.

One week he's in a rehab facility and there is progress and he's good for a few months. Then he takes a turn for the worse and he's now in a hosptial. He sadly passes away far too quickly.

You learn right away that the doctor signs a death certificate and the Social Security Office is notified.The hospital asks what funeral parlor will the body be transported to and you scramble to find out which one it will be. You do the research and check the reviews. The funeral director sets up a meeting and you get 6 copies of the death certificate because you will need to document this and send to his creditors. There is no estate which makes it a little more direct.

I call my local Senior Center and ask if they have any info to help one with "what to do in the event of a spouses death?" The Director tells me, "no, but what a great idea! We will bring it up to the board."

You find out that you need to notify the bank, insurance company, credit card company, pension company, timeshare, did I forget anyone? Oh yes, I almost forgot! I must get Alex to update my will.

You are glad that you at least have an initial will to help with some of his belongings and can have the funeral service and cremation based on his wishes.

If I learn nothing else, I am glad I was prepared with what he wanted and how everything got planned out. Please learn from what I did. Call Alex today at 508-660-0331 and get your will drawn up today. It will help, especially when you least expect it and when you need it the most!