Cont'd: Your Spouse has died-Now what?


(My Spouse has died, time to change the will....and other things).....

Update: Since we don't have an estate (do not own a house), it is less complicated.

That being said, I need to reassess if I can afford where I now live. I make an appointment with my financial planner to discuss my options. I am now living on one paycheck but paying the same amount of money each month for my apartment. I decide to call HUD to inquire about my options and put my name on a waiting list for public housing. I can always change my mind as the list is reduced every month - if they come to my name or I can say keep my name on the list or ask me next time. It just gives me more options should it come to changing my living situation.

That's enough to think about right now.....but my next blog will tackle the next things on my list. There's always something to consider. So please stay tuned!